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Everyone Can Bake: Simple Recipes to Master and Mix

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by Dominique Ansel
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Everyone Can Bake is a book of components, pastry elements that Dominique Ansel—creator of the Cronut—wants you to mix freely to create desserts that suit your own tastes.

By breaking down sophisticated and creative desserts into an array of approachable recipes, Ansel means to tempt your ambitions. He offers you his go-to chocolate cake, his go-to soft caramel, and his go-to caramelized bananas and suddenly, isn't it easy and appealing to bring them together? ("Go-to" is Ansel's description for just about every component recipe he provides here. He means that they're versatile, dependable recipes.)

Of course, you'll also find a go-to fruit gelée, a go-to white chocolate glaze, and a host of other things that help you bridge the gap between familiar home baking and what you'd expect from a world-renowned pastry chef.

Ansel does offer plenty of his own riffs on the go-to recipes, showing you how to take something fundamental and add new flavors. A classic Italian meringue, for example, can easily become chocolate-flavored, or fragrant with Earl Grey tea.

It's all consistent with his goal of inspiring you as a baker.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.  

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