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Book Cover: Enthusiasm: Selected Restaurnts Awarded Michelin & the World's Best 50 Accoldes

Enthusiasm: Selected Restaurnts Awarded Michelin & the World's Best 50 Accoldes

Bent Christensen
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In many ways like Sublime 25, an earlier project of Danish writer-gastnonaut Christensen’s, Enthusiasm is a tour of remarkable restaurants in Europe and the United States, selected with the aid of a Nordic food journalist and two pro cooks.

Gorgeous photographs by Ole Haupt showcase the chefs, menus, interiors, and plated dishes from 24 establishments. Although there are no recipes, select dishes are described in precise detail. It’s fascinating to see that the choices made by Europeans do not always fit neatly with what appears in the US media.

Also worth noting is that a number of these restaurants do not appear in books of their own.

The featured restaurants are:

From the Nordic countries: Koks, Maemo, Frantzén, Geranium, and Noma.

From the UK: The Fat Duck.

From Germany: Klaus Erfort and The Table.

From the Netherlands: Interscaldes.

From France: Troisgros, Bristol Epicure, and Marc Veyrat.

From Switzerland: Cheval Blanc.

From Solvenia: Hiša Franko.

From Italy: Piazza Duomo and Da Vittoria.

From Spain: Asador Etxebarri, Tickets, Lasarte, and Quique Dacosta.

And in the US: Per Se, Atera, Brooklyn Fare, and Masa.

In English. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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