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Enebla: Recipes from an Ethiopian Kitchen

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by Luladey Moges
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"Enebla" means "let's eat" in Amharic, the most common language in Ethiopia. Luladey Moges, born in Ethiopia but raised from the age of twelve in the US, extends that invitation to all willing cooks with this collection of traditional home recipes.

While she does make some concessions to ingredient availability in the US, calling for things such as russet potatoes and cans of diced tomatoes, Moges makes it clear that there are situations where compromises are unwelcome and frustrating, urging cooks to pursue kibe, the clarified and seasoned butter ubiquitous in Ethiopian cooking, as well as spice blends such as berbere.

Because family-style eating is fundamental to Ethiopian cooking, most recipes serve 4-6 people. And while long-cooking stews are a staple of Ethiopian meals, there are a number of dishes which can be prepared more quickly, including several which reflect Italian influence in Ethiopia.

Along with wots, or stews such as a mild lamb version call ye beg alicha wot, Moges offers stir-fries featuring small cuts of meat and fish called tibs, vegetable dishes, and of course breads, including the fundamental injera eaten with nearly every dish.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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