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Edna Lewis: At the Table With an American Original

Edna Lewis: At the Table With an American Original

Sara Franklin
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Edna Lewis (1916-2006), born and raised in a Virginia community founded by freed slaves, became a legendary chef in New York City and the author of three cookbooks, including the landmark The Taste of Country Cooking, which refocused attention on Southern farm cooking and seasonality. As Kim Severson writes in the foreword to this collection, Lewis's influence is still being felt in ways that continue to evolve. In twenty-two essays, writers and the photographer John T. Hill pay tribute to Lewis and her legacy. Contributors include Lewis's sister and niece, chefs, food historians and other scholars, cookbook and other food writers, as well as noted novelists who have been inspired by Lewis. Some knew her, others knew her only through her books, and they explore her impact as cook, as restaurant chef, as colleague, as political figure, as culture hero, and more. Edna Lewis: At the Table with an American Original offers a remarkably varied perspective, full of surprising and insightful details and insights. Hardcover. B-&-w photos. Contributors:
  • Annemarie Ahearn
  • Mashama Bailey
  • Scott Alves Barton
  • Patricia E. Clark
  • Nathalie Dupre
  • John T, Edge
  • Megan Elias
  • John T. Hill
  • Vivian Howard
  • Lily Kelting
  • Francis Lam
  • Jane Lear
  • Deborah Madison
  • Kim Severson
  • Ruth Lewis Smith
  • Toni Tipton-Marton
  • Michael W. Twitty
  • Alice Waters
  • Kevin West
  • Susan Rebecca White
  • Caroline Randall Williams
  • Joe Yonan
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