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Book Cover: Eaten #3: The Food History Magazine

Eaten #3: The Food History Magazine

Eaten Editors
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Eaten is a thrice-yearly publication celebrating food history. Each volume contains historic recipes, essays, and engaging stories contributed by historians, journalists, and gastronomers eager to share the history of all things food and drink. They are also handsomely illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings. For the Summer/Autumn 18 issue, the theme is "rare" in many of its different meanings: scarcity, rawness, scattered constituents. Among the explorations are an investigation into the American revival of fish peppers among African-American urban farmers; a profile of a Belgian raw beef sandwich mysteriously known as filet Américain; an account of gull egg harvesting and consumption in Alaska; and a salute to Cocina Michoacana, an 1896 Mexican cookbook that was one of the first to enthusiastically embrace indigenous and local foods instead of the European-centered cooking of the country's wealthy classes. Beautiful color illustrations, color and black & white photography throughout. Paperback.

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