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Book Cover: Eaten #16: The Food History Magazine

Eaten #16: The Food History Magazine

Eaten Magazine
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Eaten is a thrice-yearly publication celebrating food history. Each volume contains historic recipes, essays, and engaging stories contributed by historians, journalists, and gastronomers eager to share the history of all things food and drink. They are also handsomely illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings.

The Spring 2023 issue's theme is Spicy. Contributors include:

  • Jennifer Fergesen on the peppery paprika in Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Alana Al-Hatlani on the association of Satan and his devils with hot food
  • Livia Djelani on the bloody history of bringing nutmeg to Europe
  • Hannah Metzger on the Jewish-Portuguese businesswoman who used her family's spice-trading business to help other Jews flee the Inquisition

There are attractive illustrations throughout, as well as a brief bibliography for anyone interested in further reading.

Paperback. Color illustrations throughout.

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