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Eaten #14: The Food History Magazine

Eaten #14: The Food History Magazine

Eaten Magazine
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Eaten is a thrice-yearly publication celebrating food history. Each volume contains historic recipes, essays, and engaging stories contributed by historians, journalists, and gastronomers eager to share the history of all things food and drink. They are also handsomely illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings.

For the Summer 2022 issue, the theme is Processed. Contributors include:

  • Zoe Randolph on Mikhail Gorbachev's alliance with Pizza Hut
  • Nawal Nasrallah on murri, a fermented condiment that was central to Medieval Arab cooking
  • Jon Cheung on the ill-starred history of margarine
  • Upton Sinclair and Theodore Roosevelt exchange letters regarding Sinclair's The Jungle
  • James Mielke on the mythology of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
  • Julia Segal and Robynne Mellor on the sourdough bread of a former Russian outpost now within China, largely settled by Jews

Paperback. Color illustrations throughout.

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