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Book Cover: Eaten #10: The Food History Magazine

Eaten #10: The Food History Magazine

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"Eaten is a thrice-yearly publication celebrating food history. Each volume contains historic recipes, essays, and engaging stories contributed by historians, journalists, and gastronomers eager to share the history of all things food and drink. They are also handsomely illustrated with photographs, paintings, and drawings. For Winter 2021, the theme is Greens. Among the contributors are:
  • Robyn Metcalfe on the history of green cities
  • Emma Doughty on the great space salad race
  • Jovana Djak on supper during the seige of Sarajevo
  • Tarana Husain Khan on resurrecting forgotten rice
Illustrated, as always, with vintage photos and art, as well as whimsical contemporary pieces. Paperback. Color illustrations throughout."

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