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Discovering Tunisian Cuisine

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by Judith Dwan Hallet & Raoudha Guellali Ben Taarit
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A handsome, detailed introduction to Tunisian cooking, this book focuses on the home cooking one would encounter on the tables of generous Tunisian hosts. Which is exactly how Judith Dwan Hallet, who first visited Tunisia as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1964, first experienced the cuisine and how she met her co-authors, Raoudha Guellali Ben Taarit and Hasna Trabelsi, on a return visit fifty years later. Together the three women have prepared this informative and accessible guide to the food of the North African country.

Despite years of fascination with Mediterranean food, English-language publishers have resolutely overlooked Tunisia and we're thrilled to be offering this very capably self-published book. Recipe headnotes characterize the dishes, sometimes passing along folklore about their origins, distinguishing them from versions prepared in neighboring countries, and suggesting common ingredient substitutions that any Tunisian cook would know how to make.

Recipe names are provided in transliterated Arabic as well as English.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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