Dinner for One: How Cooking in Paris Saved Me

Dinner for One: How Cooking in Paris Saved Me

Sutanya Dacres
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This is what the publisher tells us about the book:

From podcast host Sutanya Dacres comes Dinner for One, an unforgettable memoir of how she rebuilt her life after her American-in-Paris fairytale shattered, starting with cooking dinner for herself in her Montmartre kitchen--pitched as Julie & Julia for our times.

When Sutanya Dacres married her French boyfriend and moved to Paris at twenty-seven, she felt like she was living out her very own Nora Ephron romantic comedy. Jamaican-born and Bronx-raised, she had never entertained fantasies of living abroad until she met the Frenchman of her dreams, and voilà, she herself became one of those American women in Paris, embarking on her own “happily ever after.” But when her husband abruptly left two years into their marriage, the fairytale came crashing down around her.

Reeling from her sudden divorce and the cracked picture-perfect expat facade, Sutanya decided to figure out for herself what happens after the Paris fairy tale ends. Determined to find a way to mend her broken heart and learn to love herself again, Sutanya began to cook dinner for one in her Montmarte kitchen. Along the way, she builds Parisienne friendships, learns how to date in French, and examines what it means to be a Black American woman in Paris—all while adopting the French principle of pleasure, especially when it comes to good food, and what the concept of "self care" really means.

Brimming with charm, humor, and hard-won wisdom, Sutanya's story takes the reader on an adventure through love, loss, and finding where you truly belong, even when it doesn’t look quite how you expected.

Hardcover. Recipes included.

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