Dining In

Dining In

Alison Roman
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From a former pastry chef and Bon Appetit food editor turned New York Times food columnist comes this bright, buzzy book that truly delivers on its promise of simple, fresh, vegetable-forward weekday cooking. As Roman states in her introduction, "I will never ask you to make something in two skillets if it can be done in one...[and] you will learn at least one thing that will make you a better and more independent cook for the rest of your life." Guided by Roman's warm, unpretentious voice and quirky sense of humor, we are easily drawn into the kitchen to cook any of the 125 recipes here, which are at once trendy and beautifully approachable. She focuses on quality ingredients punctuated by standout flavors: hot honey browned butter, preserved lemon za'atar, and garlicky walnuts all bring together savory, sweet, salty, bitter, and intense umami in unexpected and lovely ways. The book is divided into such sections as "Knife-and-Fork-Salads," "Savory Breakfasts," and "Grains and Things," and you'll find dishes such as spiced black lentil salad with oil-packed tuna, radishes, and purple potatoes; caramelized winter squash with toasted coconut gremolata; and anchovy butter chicken with chicken-fat croutons. In addition to recipes, you will also find a variety of quick techniques that will change the way you cook (do you keep a bowl of boiled potatoes in your fridge yet? After reading this book, you will!). Practical and approachable enough for the novice, and innovative enough for the seasoned home cook, Dining In is a book you'll be reaching for again and again.
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