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Digest Magazine: Volume 4, Issue 3

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Digest bills itself as a magazine for eaters and thinkers, asking how food shapes the way we live. It's certainly not written for people of lukewarm spirit. New York is the center of its universe, but there is some good food elsewhere.

Some issues have themes, some seem to bounce from unusual subject to unusual subject, happily ignoring any connection other than food. This issue represents the joy of the latter. For example:

  • Emma Weinstein on the pleasures of growing radishes

  • Nina Katz on discovering her grandmother had written a cookbook and what she learned about the woman who died when Katz was in the first grade

  • Vincent Wong-Crocitto on growing up and going out to eat  on Staten Island

There are other, briefer articles and essays as well.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.


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