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Book Cover: Digest Magazine: Volume 3, Issue 3

Digest Magazine: Volume 3, Issue 3

Digest Editors
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Digest bills itself as a magazine for eaters and thinkers, asking how food shapes the way we live. It's certainly not written for people of lukewarm spirit. New York is the center of its universe, but there is some good food elsewhere.

But this issue, at least, begins by plunging into a survey of the worst things various contributors ate in 2022. (It's a reaction against all the Best of... lists that seem to be everywhere).  The disappointments are, shall we say, vivid.

From there articles plunge resolutely, hopefully onward, with suggestions for crowd-sourcing Fire Cider (a community fermentation project that seems to place a lot of trust in near strangers), a ranking of Coca-Cola by source—beware the aluminum can—an ode to hotel bars, and a sentimental reminiscence about one author's father and his Italian roots. Given the way the issue starts off, it's surprisingly optimistic.

There's more, including recipes, colorful design, and some fun photography.

Paperback. Color photographs.

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