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dhoop issue #2

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Dhoop is the Hindi word for sunshine. This new magazine looks at food and food culture from an Indian perspective, featuring stories, art, and photography.

Designed, written and printed in India, dhoop is an immersion in ways of thinking and eating that don’t necessarily begin from the same reference points that US or European writers might share. 

But the diversity of Indian culture is such that while contributing authors might take it for granted that readers don’t need to be told that Ahmedabad is a long way from Madurai, they’re still eager to share the particular delights of a family-owned bakery in Bangalore.

The theme of this second issue is "commensality," the joy of sharing a meal with others. For some contributors, those others must be close friends, “always at someone’s home, comfy on their couch.” But for others, such as Akansha Patil, an army brat who grew up living all over the country, eating with new people was a part of changing from an outsider to a local.

Those who bought the (sold out) first issue of dhoop will be interested to know that the magazine’s trim size is now significantly larger (7 ⅜” by 9 ⅜“), which allows it to be more easily opened. Page design also avoids running text into the gutter and text readability has also improved. These are symbols of the thought that founder Rini Singhi and her design and editorial crew are bringing to this passion project and we’re already looking forward to a third issue in 2024.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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