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by Jessica Préalpato
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Remarkable flavor combinations in fruit desserts.

After a career that included work in small, high-end restaurants in France, as well as gigs in Dubai, Tokyo, Beirut, and St. Petersburg, in 2015 Jessica Préalpato became the pastry chef at the Michelin three-starred Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris.

It was about that time that Ducasse began re-inventing the restaurant along the lines of "naturalité" or "naturality," placing an emphasis on the fundamental flavors and textures of main ingredients.

"Desseralité" represents the extension of this idea to the realm of desserts and includes some bold, imaginative combinations of flavors. Fresh and dried figs with green coffee ice-cream; strawberries with goat cheese curd and lime-arugula pesto; fresh and roast cherries with spring honey and watercress; fresh persimmons with persimmon ice cream, walnuts and rosehip wine.

In contrast to Cedric Grolet's showstopping presentations in his fruit desserts (available in French, Spanish, and English), Préalpato's plates are simpler, with a coolly refined informality that suggests great confidence.

In French. Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

Published: December 1, 2018

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