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Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture Craft and Recipes

Crafted Meat: The New Meat Culture Craft and Recipes

Hendrik Haase
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This broad survey of the revival of artisanal meat cutting, preparation, and preserving shows a generally European bias, which from our point of view is a good thing since it includes the likes of spreadable mettwurst, dry-cured Turkish sucuk, and Swiss cervelat, truly traditional versions of which are made with brains. Even more interesting to many will be the profiles of the artisans themselves, ranging from the Underground Food Collective in Madison, Wisconsin to Christian Puglisi’s Restaurant Bæst in Copenhagen to L’Antica Macelleria Cecchini in Chianti, where meat is cut to strains of AC/DC. For serious meatheads.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover

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