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Copper, Iron, and Clay: A Smith's Journey

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by Sara Dahmen
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The satisfactions and significance of handcrafted cookware, particularly that made from materials mentioned in this book's title, are the heart of this work by Sara Dahmen, for whom initial curiosity, inspired by a historical novel she was writing, turned into a passion.

Time spent studying with metal workers and potters taught Dahmen great respect for their craft, as well as for the versatility of vessels made from substances that have been in use for millennia. So much so that she was inspired to train as a coppersmith herself, and she is a dedicated advocate for returning old-fashioned pots, pans, bowls and other implements to American kitchens. Her advice on the use and care of these tools is clear and unesoteric—ketchup is part of her homemade copper polish—and she also provides recipes which demonstrate that old-fashioned vessels can produce attractive contemporary food.

Collectors of vintage cookware will recognize a kindred spirit here, but Dahmen is eager to point out the array of artisans across the continent who are continuing to work with copper, iron, and clay. (She has in fact created a line of cookware drawing on just those kinds of craftworkers).

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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