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Cooking with Mushrooms A Fungi Lover's Guide to the World's Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients

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by Andrea Gentl
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Mushroom fans have gotten short shrift from American publishers in recent years; while foraging books have become more common, cookbooks have been neglected.

So it's a pleasure to come across a thoughtful and passionate exception to that neglect in this book by Andrea Gentl, an award-winning food photographer who has been obsessed with mushrooms since childhood.

Her interest is deep enough that Gentl has devised an assortment of mushroom pantry items, including an arrray of mixed mushroom powders and broths, and mushroom-enriched salt, compound butter, miso paste, nut-and-seed butter, confit, pesto, and even crackers.

In fact, Gentl uses mushrooms in a host of foods where we would not have expected them, for example granola, ceviche, alcohol infusions, pots de crème, and ice cream. If you are more of a traditionalist, do not fear, however. You will also find the likes of  herby mushroom dumplings, mushroom ramen, and mushroom bourguignon. 

Gentl focuses on more than twenty varieties of mushroom that are commonly cultivated, as well as several that are easily foraged. Her recipes frequently accommodate any of several different types of mushroom should you find yourself with an abundance of maitake, porcini, lion's mane, or chanterelle.

Hardcover. And not surprisingly given the author's profession, the book has full-color photographs throughout.

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