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Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat: A Cookbook

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by Molly Baz
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A recipe developer and the star of popular cooking videos, Molly Baz has written a first cookbook that offers a surprising amount of practical instruction for cooks who are starting to stretch themselves in the kitchen.

Throughout Cook This Book Baz provides QR codes which link to short videos demonstrating everything from seasoning with a pinch of salt to carving a chicken. The confident but informal tone of the videos will be a boon to everyone daunted by a technique they have not previously employed.

And unlike many a book that addresses beginning cooks, Baz’s feels adventurous and contemporary. Instead of safe, tame recipes, she offers the likes of roasted eggplant with pickled raisin and basil dressing; poached fish with creamed leeks and roasted hazelnuts; a Caesar salad for which she is internet-famous; and a grapefruit olive oil cake topped with pistachios.

Even already comfortable cooks will find many good ideas here.

Hardcover. Color throughout.

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