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Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door: 50 American Chefs Chart Today’s Food Culture

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door: 50 American Chefs Chart Today’s Food Culture

Emmanuel Laroche
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Drawing on insights gleaned from his restaurant-industry focused podcast Flavors Unknown, Emmanuel Laroche explores the future of culinary creativity and the hospitality business.

Dedicated podcast listeners will notice quickly that Laroche is not simply rehashing episodes he has shared. He includes private conversations with the chefs, beverage specialists, and entrepreneurs, and makes connections informed by his years of professional engagement as an executive with a leading food industry supplier

Among the chefs with whom Laroche has spoken and gleaned insight are many nationally known names, including Gabriel Kreuther, Antiono Bachour, Johnny Spero, Elizabeth Falkner, Edward Lee, Jose Garces, and Dan Kluger.

But just as impressive, and in some ways more relevant for aspiring professionals, is Laroche's contact with and inclusion of working chefs and other food service figures who are making a local impact and drawing inspiration from a wide range of personal experience and interests. Within a paragraph he can cite a chef with multiple Michelin stars and the proprietor of a food truck. Laroche is just as interested in a remarkable pie shop as he is in fine dining.

Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door provides real service to anyone interested in or building a culinary career.


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