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Chocolate is Forever

Chocolate is Forever

Maida Heatter
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With all of her earlier books now out of print, we’re thrilled to see this collection of chocolate recipes from the inimitable Maida Heatter, for generations one of America’s most beloved home bakers.

Gathered from seven of Heatter’s previously published books, the nearly 100 recipes here can be considered a sort of best-of collection. Of course the Palm Beach Brownies are here, and Petits Trianons, Maida’s New York CIty Chocolate Cheesecake, Salted Almond Chocolate Pie, and Chocolate-Chip-Cognac-Coffee Ice Cream. If you’re a baker who loves chocolate and your library is thin on Maida Heatter books, this one’s for you for sure.

Hardcover. Color illustrations throughout.

This is one of three recent books which collect some of Maida Heatter’s best recipes. Its companions are Happiness is Baking, and Cookies are Magic. Somewhat shockingly to us, the publishers seem to have assumed that someone interested in Maida Heatter might not buy all three books. So there are some recipes which are repeated from book to book, such as the Palm Beach Brownies.

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