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The Chef Says: Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom

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by Nach Waxman & Matt Sartwell
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Compiled by the crew at Kitchen Arts & Letters! Great chefs are neither self-effacing nor meek. There's no room for manners in the professional kitchen, where the slightest stumble can send an entire restaurant into the weeds. So it follows that even in quieter moments, what chefs have to say is always opinionated and always illuminating. The Chef Says is an invitation to the ultimate food lover's dinner party, where cooks from ancient Greece rub shoulders and talk shop with today's rising stars. These unruly culinarians compliment, compete, and disagree with one another as they discuss childhood and training, taste preferences and trends, the quest for perfection, and the grueling but exhilarating business of opening a restaurant. We had a blast compiling the quotations for this book, and then we sweated out the almost impossible job of cutting the material down to what you'll find here. An awful lot of great lines ended up being dropped. But we're proud of this book and hope that you'll have a great time dipping into it.


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