Chef, La Grenouillere

Chef, La Grenouillere

Alexandre Gauthier
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Gauthier's Michelin one-star restaurant in rural Flanders has gained great attention for being one of the most progressive modernist-style restaurants in all of France. Reared at the restaurant, where his father was the chef, Gauthier trained elsewhere, including with Regis Marcon. Gauthier's technique is recognizably innovative, but more notable is his embrace of unusual ingredients and flavor combinations. This handsome, dramatically photographed book showcases dishes that surprise because of the intersection of of tastes (seared gherkins with tarragon-flavored tarama, unsalted bacon, and black Cameroon pepper) or because of their frank simplicity (rhubarb stalks served with pulverized sugared almonds). Very arresting.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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