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Charleston to Phnom Penh: A Cook's Journal

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by John Martin Taylor
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A picaresque account of a dramatically varied life in realms culinary, Charleston to Phnom Penh is a collection of essays from an unparalleled raconteur. 

As the title suggests, it ranges across a wide landscape, from deep in the American South to Bulgaria, Italy, and China, and even the briefest flicker of Kitchen Arts & Letters, where John Martin Taylor worked for a time before any of us currently on hand joined the staff.

A food historian and journalist, a one-time bookseller and cookbook author, Taylor possesses a restless curiosity and an ability to spot the interesting and overlooked. Whether he’s recounting how he outraged the blue-haired ladies of Charleston by demonstrating that their beloved Huguenot Torte was neither Huguenot nor a torte, traveling through Transylvania, or connecting the German chocolate cakes of his childhood to Khmer Fish Stew through their common ingredient, coconut, Taylor writes like the kind of person you’d be delighted to be seated beside at a dinner party.


Black-and-white photographs. Hardcover.

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