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La Charcuterie Lyonnaise: 80 Recettes pour la Cuisinier

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by Maison Sibilia
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Since 1925, Maison Sibilia has produced fine quality charcuterie in the style of Lyon, a city which is recognized as France’s great center of culinary excellence.

This handsome book showcases 80 recipes for using traditional pork products, and for producing a limited number of them, in the style of a city that is unabashedly proud of its charcuterie. You can learn to produce a terrine from pig cheeks and another from the animal’s ears; you can discover how to make a waffle out of potatoes and boudin; you can use trotters to fill fajitas (clearly the Lyonnaise are not trapped by tradition); and you can transform tripe and potatoes into savory nuggets for perfect bar food.

We’re impressed by the way in which the book displays ingenuity while never shying away from a fundamental affection for the core products it celebrates.

In French. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

Published: October 16, 2019

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