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Catalogued Ideas and Random Thoughts: A Cookbook

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by Stuart Ralston
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From the chef of a quartet of popular Edinburgh restaurants comes a cookbook which chronicles his career to date, offering an impressive array of cooking styles.

Since Stuart Ralston worked as a young man in NYC, we can attribute the pizza and gyros to his starving cook days, but he also includes a fried chicken inspired by a meal at the lamentably vanished WD-50.

The food of his restaurants varies even more widely:

  • Celeriac tartlet with sea trout, sour cream, and sea buckthorn
  • Duck breast with umeboshi, beet, and chicory
  • Potatoes Dauphine with miso mustard mayo
  • Jerusalem artichokes with cheddar and maple

Not easily classified, but that seems to be what keeps people paying attention to Ralston.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout

Published: January 18, 2024

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