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Carpathia: Food From The Heart of Romania

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by Irina Georgescu
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From the pen of a Romanian expatriot now living in the UK, Carpathia offers an enchanting and informative survey of the food of this Balkan country, much of which lies within the Carpathian mountain range.

Georgescu emphasizes the many influences which intersect in Romanian cooking, as the country lies on the edge of multiple cultural spheres: Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Austrian, Russian, and more. The result is food that seems familiar and yet somehow not: fish broth with rice and sour cream; polenta cakes with cheese and dill; pan-fried chicken with caramelized quince; peppers stuffed with millet and parsley pesto; ricotta doughnuts with sour cherry jam and crème fraîche.

The names of dishes appear in Romanian as well as in English, and nearly every recipe begins with a short head note that address some aspect of its character, such as the origin of its name, its association with a particular part of the country or holiday celebration, or the wisdom that a Romanian cook would bring to shopping for the ingredients. Carpathia is not a systematic tour of Romania, but it is an evocative one.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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