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Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients Modern Recipes

Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients Modern Recipes

Jami Curl
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Curl is the proprietor of Quin, a Portland, Oregon candy shop where she has returned to the fundamentals of old-fashioned candy-making with a modern sense of flavor. While many candy books are primarily about chocolate, Curl addresses a deep range of sugar confections, from lollipops and other hard candies to caramels, chews, marshmallows, and gumdrops, along with ice creams, fruit purées and syrups, and sauces.

Her detailed instructions will please beginners, while professionals will know she speaks to them with metric weight measurements. Throughout the book she pairs popular standards like a sea salt caramel with innovative twists such as vanilla bean and roasted fruit caramels. Yes, there’s a cherry lollipop but you’ll also find a blackberry-tangerine and a chocolate lollipop with a mint center. You could even be making peach-ginger gumdrops.

Line drawings and color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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