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Butter in Ireland: From Earliest Times to the 21st Century

Butter in Ireland: From Earliest Times to the 21st Century

Peter Foynes, Colin Rynne & Chris Synnott
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This fascinating history, published under the auspices of the Cork Butter Museum, traces dairying and butter-making from prehistory to contemporary times. Articles written by experts ranging from archaeologists and food chemists to retired creamery managers address subjects as diverse as lipid residues in Neolithic pottery fragments, developments in churning methods, the emergence of butter as a signature Irish agricultural product, and even bog butter, which was stored and aged in bogs as late as the eighteenth century. This book reflects the kind of pride in traditional food that we like to encourage.   Paperback. Color and b&w photos throughout. If this item is sold out: We'll be doing our best to get more copies in as soon as we can. When we have firm information about their arrival, we'll post it in the first line of the description. It's also possible that there may still be stock on the shelves at the bookstore, so please do not hesitate to call us at 212-876-5550. You may also ask us to notify you directly when it comes back into stock.
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