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Book Cover: Breaking Breads: A New World of Israeli Baking

Breaking Breads: A New World of Israeli Baking

Uri Scheft
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Scheft, owner of bakeries in New York and Tel Aviv, presents a collection of recipes, sweet and savory, for the classic breads of the Big Apple and Israel, throwing in a few other delights as well. There are 38 pages on making challah, 40 on babka, and 44 on flatbreads, plus numerous things such as pain de mie that have become almost international standards.

Scheft pays careful attention to fundamental recipes before introducing an array of variations (falafel challah, shakshuka focaccia); he also offers detailed step-by-step photo sequences for shaping more complex items. Professionals and serious home bakers will be pleased to know that quantities are provided by weight as well as volume.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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