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Bread and My Thoughts

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by Ranit Shahar with Thomas Teffri-Chambelland
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Here is what the publisher tells us about this book: 

One day, a middle-aged woman signed up for a baking class.
Little did she know it would open a magic door to a fascinating
world destined to pave a new path for her calm suburban exis-
tence. Literally taking life between both hands, she opened a
micro sourdough bakery in her village-and the rest is history.
Mixing sensitivity and humour, Bread and My Thoughts is written
by the four hands of two passionate baking instructors. It reveals
the secrets of artisanal sourdough baking as it weaves an intri-
cate web linking the processes of dough fermentation and the
human psyche.
This book is a hook cast into deep churning waters that bubbles
to the surface the wonders and wisdom of the science behind
bread. It's for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the under-
lying processes of good bread, master sourdough fermentation,
and understand what affects yeast, bacteria and enzymes and
how they work. This book will turn any amateur baker into a
professional. Readers will expand their knowledge with recipes
for sourdough breads made with a variety of flours like rye,
spelt and ancient grains-plus a very special sourdough starter
for sweet, rich pastries.

Hardcover. Charming color illustrations throughout. 

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