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In French

Bras: Le Goût du Jardin

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by Cindy & Fourie Chapelle
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Le Suquet, the restaurant founded by Michel Bras and now run by his son Sebastien, makes full use of its location in a small village. The restaurant supplies itself from large and active gardens of its own. And in this book chefs and gardeners alike can tour them through an account of more than 250 rare plants which are cultivated there.

The four chapters include photographs of the gardens during each season, detailed photographs of the most interesting plants being harvested (including Latin names and notes on their origins and uses), and discussions of representative dishes from the restaurant that highlight how the plants are used.

There are no recipes as such, but plenty of inspiration. Indeed, with Sebastien Bras running the restaurant, the gardens are the chief concern of Michel and this book is a fascinating look at his interests.

Hardcover. Color throughout. In French.

Published: February 4, 2020

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