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The Book of Cheese

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by Liz Thorpe
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How does one of the world’s leading experts approach a subject as vast and beloved as cheese? Liz Thorpe has devised a novel method of introducing readers to the deliciously complex world of cheese. Thorpe provides a map through the world of cheese arranged, not by region or milk type, but by familiar “gateway” styles such as Brie, Blue, Cheddar, Swiss, and Misfits. Within each category, she deftly takes the reader from the familiar to the exotic with side notes on aroma, texture, and flavor to summarize the intimate story of each style. Novices will find the approach easy to follow and encouraging. Enthusiasts and experts will find the depth and breadth of material and insight engaging and valuable. Especially appendices on pasteurization, cheese-making, and flavor analysis.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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