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The Best American Food Writing 2019

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by Samin Nosrat
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This new series will feature a different editor each year—last year it was Ruth Reichl—and for 2019 Samin Nosrat brings her bright, inquiring sensibility to the selection of 26 outstanding pieces. Among her priorities: looking beyond the established firmament of food writers to spotlight authors working in more unusual venues and addressing unusual subjects.

That’s not to say that top-drawer publications have been excluded: Ian Frazier is here, along with four other New Yorker contributors such as Helen Rosner and Hannah Goldfield. But you’ll also find Charlee Dyroff writing about Alaskan hunters for Pacific Standard; Mayukh Sen on how tapas came to American shores at the hands of a gay Peruvian chef; Khushbu Shah highlighting the way that vegans of color are ignored in so much of media; and, from Bitter Southerner, the incomparable Shane Mitchell on “Hot Wet Goobers.”

Delightful and thought-provoking, very often in the same sentences.


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