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Baking with Fortitude: Sourdough Cakes and Bakes

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by Dee Rettali
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If you're willing to be adventurous with time and flavor, this book will reward you with wonderful baking ideas and techniques.

Dee Rettali believes in letting time and controlled environments create flavor. Whether she's aging her butter, infusing fruits with herbal tea, using sourdough to start a cake batter, or letting a fully mixed dough ferment for several days in its baking tin, she's creating things that rely less on added sugar for flavor than do many traditional baked goods.

Here she shares recipes from her London establishment, Fortitude Bakeshop, including everything from a butter cake base that sits out for 2 days in a cool room to a sour milk soda bread. Recipe after recipe surprises with remarkable flavor combinations:

  • Sage, buttermilk, and almond butter loaf cake
  • Blueberry and lime buns
  • Ras el hanout and black treacle loaf
  • Cheddar, raisin, and pickled carrot soda bread
  • Chimichurri brioche buns

While fermentation can be employed to enrich the flavors of any of the recipes in this book, there are many for which it is not required. 


Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. British conventions mean metric measurements and weights are used throughout.


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