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Baga: El Equilibrio del Sabor

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by Pedro Sanchez
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Distinctive cuisine from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Andalusia, characterized by intense flavors and earthy ingredients.

Pedro Sanchez worked with chefs such as Martin Berasategui and Dani Garcia before opening Baga, a small restaurant in the town of Jaen. He presents more than 60 dishes here, but not in traditional recipe format. There are no quantities, and no specific instructions.

Instead, for dishes as varied as shrimp in rice vinegar, mushrooms with caviar and coffee, or beef with smoked eel, the chef explains his inspirations and ambitions, much as he might if you asked him how he came up with such an idea while seated in his dining room.

Dramatic photography helps you visualize something of his methods of execution, but he confides in you, his reader, as his peer, assuming you are capable on your own of exploring an idea.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout. In Spanish.

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