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Apicius 34

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Twice a year this Spanish-English bilingual magazine, billing itself as the “Journal of Haute Cuisine,” pays tribute to some of the world’s greatest chefs with profiles and photos of their plated food. Terrific food photography brings us in to the dining rooms of restaurants that, in many cases, are not represented in current books.

This particular issue comes with a special over cover unlike any other issue in the magazine’s history. A wall of text features just two phrases: “#fuerzachefs” and “f*ckcoronavirus”.

Featured inside are five Spanish chefs and their restaurants: Pedro Sánchez of Bagá, a tiny (15 seats) Michelin-starred restaurants in a small town in northern Andalusia; Fina Puigdevall and the Puigvert family of Les Cols in the famed restaurant town of Girona; Aurelio Morales of Cebo in Madrid; Artur Martinez of Aurt in Barcelona; and Xune Andrade of Monte, tucked away in the Asturian mountain town of San Feliz.

In Spanish and English. Color photographs throughout. Paperback.

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