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Ambrosia Vol. 3

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The Spring 2017 issue of this twice-yearly magazine dedicated to exploring local food cultures ventures deep into Brooklyn, in nineteen profiles that each capture something of the borough’s character, history, or current fame. Nathan’s Famous at Coney Island is here, as is Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine in Crown Heights. Restaurant revolutionaries like Andrew Tarlow of Diner and Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s make an appearance, along with the guys from Kings County Distillery.

Gorgeous photographs of people and places can be found throughout the magazine. This is but a moment in Brooklyn’s history, and ten years from now some very different stories will be told; but Ambrosia #3 offers a vivid slice of contemporary life in this colorful borough. We’re sorry to say that we are sold out of all previous issues of Ambrosia. They never last.

Color photographs throughout. Paperback.

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