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The Alphabet

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by Cacao Barry
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Inspired by the success of a popular Instagram post series, the Swiss-based chocolate company created this book. They note, “To keep pushing the boundaries of flavour and elevate chefs’ creativity, the team of Cacao Barry® pastry chefs has developed a collection of practical recipes rooted in our French pastry heritage and the desire for bringing a progressive approach to pastry.”

Recipes are grouped into four sections using classic French definitions: biscuits, crèmes & mousses, glaçages, and pâtes. While a quick scan of the table of contents might suggest that there are only 37 recipes for the likes of financiers, ganache, mirror glaze, and pâte sablé, most of these headings contain several variations. So the basic recipe for pain de gênes, for instance, is accompanied by versions made with cocoa powder, with chocolate, and with cocao paste.

Notes throughout the book provide important insights on why you might choose a particular recipe: one glaze does not crack when sliced, making a portioned dessert more attractive. Another is more stable at room temperature. Some products have better keeping qualities; others are sweeter; still others have a denser texture while yet another is airier. The authors also make clear where and how they have departed from traditional formulations in creating their own recipes. Needless to say, all recipes specify Cacao Barry products.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. Metric measure only. In English.

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