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All Under Heaven: Recipes from the 35 Cuisines of China

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by Carolyn Phillips
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This impressive guide to the regional cuisines of China counts 35 separate traditions arranged into five geographical groups. Phillips, a food scholar, author the Madam Huang’s Kitchen blog, and former resident of Taiwan who married into a Chinese family, treats each group in detail, addressing the traditions and climate that have shaped the cuisine, as well as the context of more than 300 recipes.

If you’re looking for nothing more than quick weeknight cooking, step along. But if you enjoy detailed recipes and you’re intrigued by discovering dishes such as a steamed fish with three kinds of olives from Hong Kong or a lamb soup with hard tack-like biscuits from Shaanxi province, this is for you. And along the way you’ll also learn about such things as the likelihood that a Beijing court dish will be attributed in some way to a dowager empress and the killing strength of a sorghum moonshine from Guizhou. Very worthwhile.

500+ pages. Line drawings. Hardcover.

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