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Book Cover: All About Cake
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All About Cake

Christina Tosi
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Christina Tosi is the mad genius of funky baking, turning out goods that are inspired by childhood nostalgia but executed with precision and know-how that allow a whimsical idea to succeed when, in other hands, it might never had been more than an unfulfilled flash of inspiration.

Despite some platitudes dispensed by the publisher's copywriter about this being a book for "bakers of all levels," this is an ambitious book that assumes you're a comfortable baker, with a kitchen stocked with the likes of cake rings, acetate for assembling layer cakes, silicone baking mats, and a good scale. Yes, there are some quickly assembled microwave mug cakes and some (bizarre) cakes made in a slow cooker that are pretty fuss-free. But let's be honest: if you're interested in a Christina Tosi book about cakes, it's because Tosi is known for going all-in when it comes to baking. You're interested because you want rhubarb-elderflower pound cake; you want corn and blueberry sheetcake. And banana -chocolate-hazelnut cupcakes, key lime pie layer cake,and lemon layer cake with pickled strawberry jam and pickled strawberry frosting. You'll get these and many, many more. And even before your oven cools off, you'll be happy.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. 288 pages

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