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by Anne-Sophie Pic et Le Conservatories des Agrumes de San Giuliano en Corse
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This handsome book on citrus fruits and their uses is the result of a collaboration between Anne-Sophie Pic and the scientists at a citrus conservatory on the coast of Corsica. Featuring botanical and historical information on 130 citrus varieties and recipes from Pic and chefs such as Yannick Alléno, Pierre Hermé, Jean-François Píège, and David Toutain, it's a remarkable combination of reference and inspiration.

With entries for fruits that range from bergamot and citron to sudachi and yuzu, supported by 170 contemporary photos and reproductions of 30 antique botanical plates, Agrumes also features 80 recipes. Perhaps surprisingly, the majority of the recipes are savory, showcasing citrus's affinity for many fresh vegetables, but also for game and seafood. Among the recipes: lobster with kumquat confit; white asparagus with fresh almonds and grapefruit; carrots with orangeflowers.

There are plenty of sweet courses as well, including a lime cake with calamondin orange cream; bitter orange frozen soufflé; and a tangelo floating island with coffee praliné.

Le Conservatories des Agrumes de San Giuliano is a 60-year-old research station on Corsica which maintains more than 1000 varieties of citrus in the interests of biodiversity. Maintained and staffed by agencies of the French government, it is the largest citrus repository in the Mediterranean. Anne-Sophie Pic holds six Michelin stars between her three restaurants, including the three-star Maison Pic in Valence.

This is a large format book, 10 x 13½, fully bound in cloth. It comes in a slipcase and includes a separate recipe pamphlet for kitchen use. 480 pages.

Hardcover. Color photographs and illustrations throughout. In French.  

Published: 2017

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