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Veggie Burgers Every Which Way (second edtion)

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by Lukas Volger
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You can buy veggie burgers in grocery store freezer cases. But if you’re eating vegetarian, you’re probably interested in food which is fresh and minimally processed. Making your own veggie burger lets you satisfy that urge, as well as customize your burger in a way that no freezer case product can be.

Lukas Volger, the author of some of the most popular and practical  books in our vegetarian section, introduces you to veggie burger-making with more than thirty recipes, many of them vegan or gluten-free, and most of them adaptable to be so.

In sections on bean and grain burgers, vegetable burgers, and seitan and soy bugers. Vulgar teaches you to make:

  • Tuscan white bean burgers with sage and olives
  • Kale and quinoa burgers with garlic and red pepper
  • Curried eggplant and tomato burgers
  • Mushroom burgers with barley and thyme
  • Chipotle black bean burgers
  • Seitan burgers with mango bbq sauce

You’ll also find chapters with recipes for bus, salads, side, fries, condiments, and toppings, all of them ready to be employed as you further customize your burger just the way you like it.

This is a revised and updated edition of a book originally published in 2010.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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