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The Art and Science of Sushi: A Comprehensive Guide to Ingredients, Techniques and Equipment

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by Jun Takahashi, Hidemi Sato and Mitose Tsuchida
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Impressively systematic and detailed, this guide to the creation of traditional sushi addresses everything a serious practitioner will want to know.

Lead author Jun Takahashi has run a sushi restaurant in Tokyo since 2014; Hidemi Sato is a food scientist, and Mitsoe Tsuchida is an experienced Japanese cookbook writer. Together they have collaborated to produce a work which addresses:

  • The seasonality of seafood used in Japan
  • The properties of Japanese sushi knives
  • Best harvesting and killing methods
  • Butchering and curing of different types of fish and shellfish
  • The selection and preparation of rice
  • Use of vinegar and mirin
  • Preparation of accompaniments such as wasabi, marinated ginger
  • Shaping, slicing, and presentation of finished sushi pieces

The book is illustrated throughout with photographs and charts illustrating everything from fileting an eel to understanding the time needed for a mixture of vinegar, salt, and sugar to effectively act against various microbes.

Released by the Tokyo-based Tuttle Publishing, The Art and Science of Sushi is a useful and authoritative reference for anyone interested in the more technical aspects of sushi making.
Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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