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Corey Mintz
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A food writer who starts nearly every day with lime juice on a bowl of fruit for breakfast, Corey Mintz is powerfully persuaded that lime is more than good. "When a dish is too sweet, too fatty, too spicy, and needs balance, no vinegar can do what lime juice does. No other acid can sing that note of freshness. There's nothing else like it and I can't imagine living without it."

In this small, 84-page book with line illustrations by Natalie Frank, Mintz makes the versatility and impact of lime clear. This is not simply a matter of cocktails and pies. Consider a fresh corn soup made with brown butter, basil, and lime. Perhaps pan-fried zucchini dressed with yogurt seasoned with cumin, honey, and lime. Or paper-thin slices of raw broccoli treated cured ceviche style with lime and cilantro.

Limes is published by Good Egg Books of Toronto, as part of an occasional series of limited edition single subject books. They also released Jennifer McLagan's Blood.

Paperback. Line illustrations.

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