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So Good Recipes 3

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by Vilbo
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All the recipes—more than 1800—from issues #17 to #24 of So Good magazine are reprinted in this compact, 366-page book, which offers pastry professionals a broad tour of some of the most creative desserts being served by leading chefs from around the world.

Recipes are grouped by type, and then by subtype, so that within a chapter called "Sponge Cakes and Bakes," there are further divisions for the likes of cocoa-based sponge cakes, joconde, and baba and savarin. Handy if you're looking for a component while constructing a new dish of your own.

Measurements are in metric and by weight, and the recipes themselves assume cooks know their way around pastry kitchens and equipment already. 

There are few photographs, a change from So Good's emphasis on presentation. This volume is meant to be a practical aid rather than an inspirational one, and owning it will help you keep your glossy volumes of So Good safe from stray dollops of meringue and billows of flour.

Among the many, many chefs whose work appears in this book:

  • Marc Haeberlin
  • Dominque Crenn
  • Antonio Bachour
  • Elena Krasnova
  • John Shields and Karen Urie Shields
  • Amaury Guichon
  • Christophe Adam
  • Hisahi Onobayashi

Paperback. Color photographs throughout. In English.

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