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Book Cover: Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream: The Art and Science of the Scoop

Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream: The Art and Science of the Scoop

Dana Cree
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Cree is the pastry chef of Chicago’s Publican restaurant and, judging by her very fine first cookbook, an extraordinarily good and adventurous ice cream maker. Her culinary curiosity extends not only to some remarkable flavor ideas, but also to the chemical and physical nuts-and-bolts of issues such ice crystal formation as ice cream freezes, the role of different fats in transmitting flavor, and the effectiveness of different stabilizers.

Anyone interested in developing their own ice creams will find the first forty-odd pages of her book very useful. But if you’re more interested in rolling up your sleeves and prepping something for the churn, you’ll have your choice of flavors such as butterscotch-bourbon, burnt honey, and toasted hay. Or indulge in avocado-grapefruit sherbet, orange-rhubarb frozen yogurt, and an array of add-ins and toppings that include black raspberry ripple and plum caramel.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.

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