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Petits Propos Culinaires 121

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Some of the world’s most adventurous food historians contribute to this thrice-yearly journal of articles and excerpts from works in progress. And thankfully, the pieces seem to be chosen with an interest in good writing as well as good scholarship.

Among the efforts here: Paul van Reyk on coffee palaces in late 19th-century Australia; Urku Can Topçu explores the origins of blancmange and the Turkish dish tavukgöğsü in Arabia rather in the more commonly-supposed Roman De re coquinaria; Blake Perkins rebuts the frequent misapprehension that London was never known for its food until recently; and William Sayers explores the origins of the word luncheon.  There are book reviews as well.

This issue also includes a tribute to Nach Waxman by Philip Hyman.


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