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Communist Gourmet: The Curious Story of Food in the People's Republic of Bulgaria

Communist Gourmet: The Curious Story of Food in the People's Republic of Bulgaria

Albena Shkodrova
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Albena Shkodrova, a food scholar and former editor of a leading Bulgarian food and wine magazine, was a child during the waning days of Communist Bulgaria.

What she intended as a series of short humorous pieces became, in her words, "an in-depth account of how the Communist regime determined Bulgarian's everyday experience with food from 1944 to 1989. This book examines the daily routines of procuring food, cooking, and eating out through the memories of those who lived in the period."

Illustrated with photographs showcasing grocery stores, the grand dining rooms of restaurants for the elite, and the production of everything from cheeses to soft drinks, Communist Gourmet captures a complex yet limited system. Drawing on period cookbooks, Communist Party documents, and nearly 100 interviews, the book offers an unusual window into a time and place. 

Those interested in further research will be delighted to see extensive source notes.

Paperback. Black-and-white photographs.

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