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Bullipedia: Unelaborated Products: Definition and Classification (signed copy)

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by Ferran Adrià & the elBulli Foundation
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 At first glance, "unelaborated products" might simply seem to be "ingredients," but in this ambitious attempt to define and categorize the components which human beings turn into food, the team behind the Bullipedia project strives to understand not only differences of biology (are all cereals seeds?) but cultural and semantic ones as well.

It is not surprising but still worth nothing that the context for much of this inquiry and classification is how products are used in restaurants. (Afterall, the Bullipedia project arises from a famous restaurant). And to their credit the team, working under the aegis of Ferran Adria, the longtime chef of elBulli, acknowledges that their efforts to categorize are simply a means for perspective rather than something definitive.

For each of the seven major classification systems, there are as many as 40 different sub-categories. But what might seem dizzying on the face proceeds in a logical and enlightening manner that serves to suggest new possibilities and new ideas for those who work to develop new culinary ideas.

 Hardcover. Color photographs and diagrams throughout.

Published: October 20, 2021

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